Nathaniel, 26

It’s scary to think where I would be without Kristi’s consolation, advice, and support. Kristi has helped me focus on my wellness goals and has me caring mostly about feeling amazing and not stressing over the numbers. In particular, her process was focused on me and my challenges: I finally had a trusted, and most importantly knowledgeable, ally in my corner in my struggle with overeating and under-exercising. She reminded me of my strength and tenacity, and helped me better understand what my goals were and what kept getting in the way. Frankly, the daily choices I was making were not in line with these goals, and it was Kristi who finally helped me uncover the underlying emotional reasons for these choices. While I continue to strive to look and feel better, Kristi has been a consistent force of optimism, encouragement, empathy, and know-how. Our appointments have helped me focus both short and long term, and I can’t thank her enough for being the support I needed. I started with Kristi at 24 and 70 pounds overweight, and now at 26 I feel and look better than I ever have before. If you have the drive to reach your wellness goals, Kristi will help you get there in a way that is realistic, sustainable, and results-driven. If you continue to get in your own way, or just need accurate eating and wellness advice, Kristi may be the missing piece; I know she was for me.

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